making my own napkins and loving it

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August 12, 2009, 9:28 pm
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i am a very bad blogger.  very bad indeed.  weeks and even months go by.  i move into new apartments, make curtains, hang pictures, sew napkins and dishcloths, host barbecues, eat amish fudge, cook porkchops and corn chowder, and fail to write in my blog.

i blame school.  because it’s school’s fault, but also because it’s easy to do.  it’s true that i have lots of work to complete on any given day, and that i haven’t had time to practice the guitar, let along fix the e string that popped out god only knows how long ago. and when i get home, and have made myself dinner and whistled at the bird for a few minutes, all i really want to do is open one of the beers that people keep leaving at my house post-barbecue, stretch out on the couch, and watch a little daily show.  or the wire.  or the office.  or whatever.

but let’s be honest, here.  i find time to check facebook and google reader oodles of times a day.  i recently read this amazing book in nightly installments.  sure, i needed to read it in order to prepare for my student teaching placement.  but i didn’t need to read it immediately.

immediacy is a word much better reserved for blogging.

so here i am, attempting to make amends.  mostly by posting tons of pictures, like i did so shame-facedly in my last entry.  apparently i haven’t learned from my past mistakes.  some history teacher i’ll make.

on second thought, perhaps i’ll split my many musings into separate entries, thereby reducing the number of pictures in each post and providing myself with a little extra blog padding, so that if another month goes by without any posts it’s not quite such a grievous offense.



enjoy, with my apologies for being a slacker.

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