making my own napkins and loving it

statement of purpose…
February 15, 2009, 2:04 pm
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my purpose is to make quilts.

sigh.  if only it were that easy.  making quilts is way more fun than summarizing my professional experience and life goals in 750 words or less.  don’t you think that if i could do that, my experience and goals wouldn’t be all that worth writing about?

so instead i blog about crafts.  yay for me.

here’s the quilt i made for dave and alli.  i was very pleased with how well it came out.  way less wonky than quilt # 1, which means i’m getting better!  huzzah!


you can’t tell from the pictures, but i quilted it by sewing over some of the major seams, then stitching a large guitar shape over the whole thing.  it’s subtle, but it came out really well.


the back is polar fleece, just like my last quilt, only i added this special little detail, because dave and alli love their otters so much.


this is how much nino loved the quilt.

img_5821caught in the act!

img_5825the final product.  cat sold separately.


this is maybe the best part!  i got these labels from jennifersjewels on etsy, and i’m officially in love with them.  not only are they a little bit rock n’ roll, but they make all my projects seem more professional.  plus they’re super easy to iron on, as long as the iron isn’t too hot (learned that one the hard way!).

now i want to go back and retroactively label everything i’ve ever crafted.


i’m not like the other girls
December 28, 2008, 1:18 am
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but i’m not a robot either.

updates and such
December 24, 2008, 5:04 pm
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okay, so as promised, i’ve taken some pictures of various craft projects that i’ve been meaning to post.  i’ve also been embarking on new projects, which i’ve also taken pictures of, so i’ll also post them.  also.

first:  the scarf for the walrus, to keep him warm and stylish while he philosophizes.  it’s a basket weave, in a really beautiful deep red-orange alpaca wool (blue sky alpacas, to be exact, sport weight, in scarlet).  i love the basket weave, because it’s complicated enough that you have to pay attention and don’t get bored, but repetitive enough that it’s hard to lose your place.  now i want to knit everything in this weave.


second:  the dog bed, which i think i mentioned in an earlier post.  this project evolved on somewhat of a whim, when i saw some cute dog-inspired patterns at joann’s.  i had some polar fleece left over from my quilt, so i figured i’d make a little doggie quilt.  the quilt turned into a fully reversible dog-bed made to fit over the foam bed my parents bought for the stinkbag.  it was definitely one of the more challenging projects i’ve done, just because i didn’t have any sort of pattern, and the polar fleece had to be cut and pieced together in order to get it the right size and shape, and then i had to figure out how to attach it to the reversible quilt without having a ton of ugly seams hanging out.  so here it is, with a matching dog collar:


the collar is the same material as the other side of the quilt, and i was able to embroider tank’s name and a little picture, thanks to my new christmas present!!!


finally:  yes, it’s been a busy season for crafting, and you’d think i’d want a break after so many little projects, but i’m just so excited about my machine, that i can’t keep myself away.  so i decided to go ahead and make the “apple a day lunch bag,” which is a pattern i picked up at spool, my favoritest place on earth (at least the center city, philadelphia, zone of earth).  this was my first experience with fusible interfacing, and let me tell ya, i’m a fan.  here’s my final project, posed seductively next to its mother:


now i just need a job that i can take my lunch to.

merry christmas to meeeeee!!!!
December 20, 2008, 11:09 pm
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once again, i’ve been a neglectful blogger.  the phillies scarf that i described in my last post was finished last night, after a few tries at a “P” that satisfied my perfectionist tendencies.  i should have taken a picture of it to post here, but i was already in a hurry to finish it so i could present it to its recipient.  i also knitted a beautiful orange scarf for a certain walrus, which was also gifted last night, sans photo.  maybe i’ll carry my camera with me tonight so i can post some pictures soon.  i’m also beginning to think i should keep pictures of my projects, just to have a record for myself.  wouldn’t it be nice to look back one day and see all the things i’ve done?  alright then, a new resolution has been made!

the sweater still lies on the back of the couch, where it was two weeks ago when i wrote my last post.

but there is happy news, people!!!!  christmas has come early to the square called newtown, and yours truly is the proud new owner of a singer confidence 7470, picked up at a bargain price this afternoon!  thanks to moms (and pops) for that one.  let the sewing begin (or continue, if we’re gonna get technical)!!!

i promise to post some pictures soon.

this is just sad
October 30, 2008, 12:55 pm
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it doesn’t surprise me that there are people in this country who buy so easily into bigoted bullshit.  it just makes me really sad.  and why does it seem like it’s always republicans spewing it forth and eating it up?  i mean, i’m no fan of republican ideology, but i’m not about to throw a parade for the democrats either.  but i can’t ever remember a time when the democrats have spread such ridiculous lies so brazenly.  i’m all about being tolerant and accepting the validity of both parties’ views, even if i totally disagree with them, but this is just ridiculous and offensive and rage-inducing.  how are people so hateful and willfully ignorant of reality?  do they just not realize that what they’re being fed is lies, or do they choose to believe it even though they know it’s not really true?  aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!  it makes me want to pull my hair out.

and now i’ll stop, because i doubt you’re tuning into this blog to hear my political rantings.  i better go craft something to deal with this anger.  yay for art therapy!