making my own napkins and loving it

statement of purpose…
February 15, 2009, 2:04 pm
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my purpose is to make quilts.

sigh.  if only it were that easy.  making quilts is way more fun than summarizing my professional experience and life goals in 750 words or less.  don’t you think that if i could do that, my experience and goals wouldn’t be all that worth writing about?

so instead i blog about crafts.  yay for me.

here’s the quilt i made for dave and alli.  i was very pleased with how well it came out.  way less wonky than quilt # 1, which means i’m getting better!  huzzah!


you can’t tell from the pictures, but i quilted it by sewing over some of the major seams, then stitching a large guitar shape over the whole thing.  it’s subtle, but it came out really well.


the back is polar fleece, just like my last quilt, only i added this special little detail, because dave and alli love their otters so much.


this is how much nino loved the quilt.

img_5821caught in the act!

img_5825the final product.  cat sold separately.


this is maybe the best part!  i got these labels from jennifersjewels on etsy, and i’m officially in love with them.  not only are they a little bit rock n’ roll, but they make all my projects seem more professional.  plus they’re super easy to iron on, as long as the iron isn’t too hot (learned that one the hard way!).

now i want to go back and retroactively label everything i’ve ever crafted.

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