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housewarming, america-style
August 12, 2009, 10:08 pm
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as july 1st marked my return to grownuphood through independent living, i decided to host a housewarming barbecue, july 4th style.

honored guests included high school friends, college friends, nicaragua friends, cherished family members, their friends, and this guy:

IMG_6633when this picture was taken, he had just received a firm yet gentle massage with a tandoori rub.  he was feeling good: relaxed yet alert, eager to see where the night’s festivities would lead.

little did he know he was about to get thrown on the grill with a beer can shoved up his boy-badonkadonk.  ouch.

here’s what he looked like when he came out:IMG_6639


here’s what the beer looked like:



that’s grease floating on top.  chicken butt grease.  for a minute it looked as if colin might actually drink the chicken beer, because that’s just how much he likes beer, and just how much more of a man he is than you.  certainly more of a man than greg, anyway.  but, in the end, he sniffed the beer and made a wise choice not to drink it.  a shame, perhaps, but probably better for everyone in the end.

so, to lighten the mood, we ate firecracker cake!


trevor was the genius behind this one, with a little help from mom, and the sheer brilliance of the cake made us highly impatient to get some real firecrackers going.  atraeu, however, was of the opinion that firecrackers were a bad idea.  to let us know just how opposed he was, he spent the entire afternoon and evening hiding in my shower, to the surprise (and chagrin) of my guests when they tried to use the bathroom.


when it finally got dark enough, we initiated fun with sparklers, which of course led to many boyish spark-related feats of whimsy and immaturity.  i’ll allow the video to speak for itself.

on that note, a few more pretty pictures of sparklers in the night:



IMG_6675yeah, that one’s my favorite too.

when the sparklers ran out, there was fun with candles to be had.


leave it to jon to spend long periods of time dipping things into flames and measuring the rate at which they melt. but don’t think he’s the only one:


IMG_6688with liberty, and justice for all.


the candle never saw it coming.

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