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March 4, 2009, 4:59 pm
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no real craft-y updates for you.  working on a pretty little scarf, but no pictures yet.  i’ve been busy with GREs and work and editing projects.  i’ve also been rediscovering my diaryland site, which i kept up for a year or two between 2000 and 2002.  that’s right, i was a blogger before anyone even knew what bloggers were.  we were all doin’ it back in those days, and for a long time it was important to me to be able to follow what my friends were up to once we all went our separate ways into academia.  but of course my devotion floundered, and alas, the site was abandoned.  now you can’t even read the entries anymore (apparently my amateur experiments with html weren’t so successful in the long run), but i’ve managed to salvage some from the members page, and i’m compiling a crazy-long word document.  so far i’m already on page 48, and i’ve only covered my first semester of college.  yowza.

don’t worry, i won’t subject all my semi-angsty post-teen blabbing on you, but i do think that from time to time i’ll share one or two that i find particularly amusing or thought provoking.  there will probably be more of the former than the latter, given what i’ve re-read so far.

so without further ado, here is your first gem:

Behold the power of feet

Last night, I was doing my laundry in the spacious basement laundry room that is supposed to be for the upperclassmen in the adjacent building but which I so stealthily discovered.  This spacious laundry room not only has six washers and six dryers (as opposed to the puny four in our laundry room), but the dryers are the cool kind with windows in the front, so that you can watch your clothes spin ceaselessly as they dry.  It’s a good time, I assure you.  Beats studying for finals, anyway.  </P><P></P><P>So, I was sitting with my barefeet against the dryer window so that they could absorb the heat, and I was watching my jeans and my red handkerchief and my cow socks chase each other around.  And I noticed the tattoo on my right foot, and started thinking about how it will always be there, even when I’m forty and sitting in my house somewhere, with a family and a job and hopefully some semblance of a life.  And I started to wonder if, when I was noticing my tattoo as a forty year old, I would remember sitting in that laundry room and watching my clothes spin.  And it made me really sad, because in twenty years I might not remember little events like that, and they’re the ones I enjoy most.  Leaning my feet against a hot dryer and watching my clothes spin.  Walking down Thayer St. in the freezing cold with my friends and laughing like crazy.  Watching Seth and Claire wrestle and kick at each other, and watching Claire win.  Those are the times when I stop and think about how much I really like it here, and I’m worried that those are the times I won’t remember.  </P><P></P><P>I hope in forty years I can look at my tattoo and remember sitting in that dirty old laundry room, and be able to feel the heat of the dryer on the bottoms of my feet, and remember that even though I was exhausted and I had endless amounts of studying to do, I was really content to just sit there and watch my clothes.  Hopefully, after thinking and writing about it, it will be one of those silly little memories that never leaves me.


want to hear something funny?  i’d totally forgotten all about that moment and everything i thought at the time until i rediscovered this entry.  sigh.  so much for preserving funny wacky little memories.

and for any of you old-school diarylanders who are interested (i’m talking to you, little miss cocoa), you can still access your old pages on diaryland.  and the site still looks exactly the same as it did way back when.  pastel purple till you puke!  yay for some things never changing!

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i have 2 diarylands – and i still – on occasion update them both. check the littlefascinations goodness for the links.

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