making my own napkins and loving it

February 2, 2009, 11:05 pm
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so it’s been an insanely long time since i updated this humble little blog.  don’t think i haven’t been crafting!  on the contrary; i’ve been engaged in several projects during the entire month of january, but as they were all presents for people who read this page, i couldn’t really post about them without ruining the surprise.  so here goes….

numero uno:  elaine’s lunchbag

i made a lunchbag for myself a while back, and loved it so much that i decided to make one for just about everyone i know who hasn’t already received some sort of crafted gift.  luckily, elaine had a birthday mid-month, so she was lucky recipient #1!!!


i chose fabric designed by jay mccarroll, the winner of the first season of project runway, that i found at the bestest place on earth, spool. i had to pick the octopus fabric for the inside, because elaine loves octopi!

numero dos: mom’s lunchbag

two days later, my mom had a major birthday, so i whipped up a lunchbag for her too (she also got gift certificates for two hour-long massages, so don’t think i shortchanged her!).


when i made my lunchbag i used velcro to close it, but i decided this time to go with snaps, because they seemed a little classier, and i hate the way velcro looks when it’s open.  the snaps worked well, but the banging coming from my bedroom caused the beagle to go berserk, and i definitely banged the crap out of my thumb a couple of times.  no pain, no gain.

numero tres: can you handle the suspense?

there’s another major project to report on, as well as a fun new purchase that makes me want to reclaim and improve upon all the craft projects i’ve already given away.  but you’ll have to wait at least a day or two, because i’m sick of uploading pictures right now.

peas owt

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