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merry christmas to meeeeee!!!!
December 20, 2008, 11:09 pm
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once again, i’ve been a neglectful blogger.  the phillies scarf that i described in my last post was finished last night, after a few tries at a “P” that satisfied my perfectionist tendencies.  i should have taken a picture of it to post here, but i was already in a hurry to finish it so i could present it to its recipient.  i also knitted a beautiful orange scarf for a certain walrus, which was also gifted last night, sans photo.  maybe i’ll carry my camera with me tonight so i can post some pictures soon.  i’m also beginning to think i should keep pictures of my projects, just to have a record for myself.  wouldn’t it be nice to look back one day and see all the things i’ve done?  alright then, a new resolution has been made!

the sweater still lies on the back of the couch, where it was two weeks ago when i wrote my last post.

but there is happy news, people!!!!  christmas has come early to the square called newtown, and yours truly is the proud new owner of a singer confidence 7470, picked up at a bargain price this afternoon!  thanks to moms (and pops) for that one.  let the sewing begin (or continue, if we’re gonna get technical)!!!

i promise to post some pictures soon.

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[…] the collar is the same material as the other side of the quilt, and i was able to embroider tank’s name and a little picture, thanks to my new christmas present!!! […]

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