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December 4, 2008, 2:19 pm
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it’s been an embarrassingly long time since my last post, and much has changed.  first of all, the sweater.  i embarked on this project knowing there would be setbacks, and rows to unknit, and so forth, but let me tell you, i didn’t realize how disheartening it would all be.  i set out one fine saturday afternoon, all nestled on the couch with my yarn, a sleepy cat in my lap, a u of michigan football game on in the background.  how lovely, i thought, to be knitting myself a sweater.  how easy to learn these simple techniques for increasing stitches, making buttonholes, and shaping the bust of the sweater.  fast forward to a few days later, when i got to the body and the fancy shmancy gull lace pattern.  i won’t go into details, but let’s just say i misunderstood the pattern and a few rows later had something like 120 extra stitches on my needles.  hmmmmm.

i decided that since it was still so early on in the process, it made sense just to start over.  i looked upon it as an opportunity to improve my technique, neaten up my buttonholes a little, reflect on the process.  so off i went.  everything went wonderfully.  stitches were cast on, measurements were made and double checked.  never had buttonholes been so beautiful.  never had a collarline looked so clean and shapely.  never had a gull lace pattern emerged with such ease and grace.  after only a week, the body was complete!  huzzah!!!  i had a bust, and a body, and snazzy holes where the sleeves would go!    now that it was off the needles, all that was left was to try it on and get a sense for how it would really look once it had sleeves.

here i pause.  you can probably guess why.

the thing is ginormous.  it fits me perfectly in the bust, but the arm holes are huge, and the whole body swings out like a bell at least three inches from my waist on all sides.  so i look like a giant green knitted bell.

what to do?  i contemplated finishing the sweater and giving it away to somebody else, but my mom even agreed that it was a little too big for her to wear, and i don’t know anyone else who i would want to give a sweater to that could actually wear it.

so right now, the sweater lies on the back of the couch, simultaneously mocking my inexpertise and pleading with me to give it another chance, just one more.  i’ve agreed, but first i need some time.  to recover, to reflect, to reenergize.  then i will go back and knit the small size, and perhaps even remove a repeat or two of the pattern from the body.  and one day, one day, i will have my very own sweater to wear proudly.

in the meantime, i’m knitting a phillies scarf for a friend of mine.  i’ve designed the logo, calculated a stitch pattern, and taught myself to do intarsia.

the "p" begins to peek out

the p begins to peek out

victory will be mine!

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