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a big crafting step for me
November 17, 2008, 12:02 am
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those of you paying any attention to this blog (i.e. alli, and possibly one or two others), might have noticed that most of my craft projects that i’ve posted about have been sewing related.  in fact, other than the beautiful scarf i decided to knit in august (which i still haven’t even gotten the chance to wear, in this crazy global-wamring-inspired warm weather), i’ve only really been sewing since i moved back home.  but all that has changed now!  i found an awesome sweater pattern on ravelry, and saturday i bit the bullet and accompanied my mom to a yarn store, where i bought five skeins of beautiful forest green worsted weight yarn.  now i’m working on my very first sweater!  i’m a little nervous, because this is the first non-scarf item i’ve ever knitted, other than the pumpkin hat i made for my friend’s little daughter (see adorable picture below).  essentially this means that at every step of the way i have to look up what the abbreviations mean, or how to do a certain stitch (by the way, is great for this – they have TONS of really clear, really simple videos that teach you how to do any technique you can imagine).  but i’ve found that if i don’t worry about the pages and pages of confusing instructions, and just take it one step at a time, it’s not that bad.  as exciting and inspiring as this discovery is, it could mean danger.  i mean, once i can knit a sweater, what’s to stop me from knitting hundreds of them?  will i ever finish the quilted dog bed that i started working on last week, or even start my second quilt, that i bought fabric for two months ago? what if i start knitting sweaters for the dog like some crazy woman?

pray for me, people.





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