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halloween genius
October 25, 2008, 9:24 pm
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so last night i experienced a little bit of panic when i realized that halloween was sneaking up on me and everyone had amazing costume ideas but me.  wait a minute kate, you say, aren’t you a little old for halloween?  there are two answers to this question:  a) yes, but i don’t care; b) no, shut up, never never never.  choose whichever answer you like the best, because it’s official…i’m feathers mcgraw.

today elaine and i went to joann’s to get all the essentials, so there’s now a pile of felt in the corner of my room that will soon become a belly, feet, a beak, and a red chicken hat.  the only question left is which props i will use to complete the costume.  option a would be the super high tech remote control used to operate the techno trousers.  option b would be the burlap sack and pistol seen here.

suggestions?  several people have pointed out to me that carrying a fake gun around the streets of philly could get me into trouble, but the burlap sack would be oh so convenient for carrying money and my phone (and candy, of course!).

so the plans are made, and i think tomorrow i’ll get started.  i’m excited to make something that i can actually wear, even if it is only one night a year, and i’ll probably look ridiculous.  alli says i should immediately ask out any guy who correctly identifies my costume and is even remotely attractive.  i say that any guy who correctly identifies my costume and is even remotely attractive needs to immediately ask me out.  but how many guys do you know that would ask out a penguin?

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