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October 24, 2008, 1:49 pm
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so today is friday, and i decided rather early on to do absolutely nothing productive with my day.  this means that even though i put on my gym clothes when i got up, i am not in fact going to go to the gym.

instead, i’ve been checking out some of my favorite crafting blogs to get ideas for new projects, and voila, i found it: fusing together old plastic bags in order to make…wait for it…new plastic bags! there’s a great tutorial here.  i have no intention of making a messenger bag, but the fusing part of the tutorial is really helpful.

so my day might end up being productive after all!  huzzah!  plus, i’ve been trying really hard to be more “green” lately, so hopefully i’ll feel all warm and fuzzy when this is over.  double huzzah!

pictures will be uploaded soon, but in the meantime you can check out these.

UPDATE: my first few attempts at fusing actually turned out pretty well, as you can see below.  if you look carefully you can even see some funky stitching in the first one.  now that i’ve got the method down i just have to start collecting bags in order to make a real project.  it’s good to have goals.

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Cannot wait until your mom comes home and realizes that there are no more poop bags for Tank!

Comment by Alli D

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