making my own napkins and loving it

October 23, 2008, 8:51 pm
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once upon a sometime, my sister-in-law suggested i keep a blog of all of my craft projects, of which she and i speak almost daily.  there, she claimed, i could find an outlet for my crafting urges, a community of fellow crafters, and yet another way to procrastinate when what i should be doing is searching for a job.  plus, she added, i’m funny.  at least over the phone.

my immediate response to her suggestion was to blow it off.  i’ve never really been able to stick with a writing project.  i love journals, and i’ve bought (and made) many over the years, including the snazzy little moleskine i currently use to keep track of my to-do lists and phone numbers and fabric wishlists.  but all previous attempts to record my thoughts in any sort of regular-like fashion have miserably fizzled, to the point where there are actually gaps of over two years between journal entries.  those journals sure do look cute on my bookcase though.

the thing is, the blog idea sort of sat there on its haunches in the back of my brain, and in the past few days it has reemerged with a vengeance.  possibly this is due to the many many hours i’ve spent recently finding and reading the craft and food and photo blogs of others such as these. so now my “journals are pretty” tendencies have become mixed together in my brain with my “i want to make pretty things and take pretty pictures” tendencies, and i’ve given in to the blog.

now all the possible blog topics are bubbling up in my brain, waiting to come out in the fabulous world of the interweb.

i’ll try not to post them all on the same day.

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